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Shon & Shivana

JUNE 2, 2017

Alisha Janniff brought our dream wedding to life. She organized the vendors and came with us to every appointment to ensure all of us where on the same page and understood what we wanted. She does have a lot of connections in the business which we believe lead to our vendors going above and beyond for us. She was always making sure we got what we paid for and made suggestions when we needed to make adjustments to fit the budget. Her ideas definitely brought a level of sophistication to our events that we could not have done without. She was able to create the perfect fusion of a North American and Indian look I was looking for our wedding day. She took my tiny little sketch on a piece of paper made a few adjustments and created what I would call a perfect wedding venue. She was able to find venues that set the mood of both events. From the wedding in a palace like setting to a reception in more of a modern day venue. It was perfectly fitting to both events. She has a natural ability to think of all the small details that we did not think of. Overall she created the luxurious look we were looking for without having all the stress. All her hard efforts created the perfect wedding/reception day. When we look back to our photography/videography I am wowed every time.  I highly recommend Alisha Janniff as a wedding planner.  


Shon & Shivanna

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